Thursday, October 16, 2008


OH MY - I HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Actually it happened a couple of days ago - but I didn't really know what "being tagged" was all about! Ret, a fellow (very awesome) stamper tagged me and so I am following her lead!
Ret's blog is located at: - so check it out!!
Now I guess I'm supposed to tell 6 things about myself that you may not already know...very long pause...let me think...well...maybe I will take a break and come back later!
Okay - I'm back!
#1: I have 6 grandchildren!! (goes with the tagged theme!)
#2: I love computers - even though I am still learning all about them!
#3: My favorite color is Red - although green is a very, very close 2nd.!
#4: I love music - all kinds!
#5: It took me a whole year to make the committment to have a Blog!
#6: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! (I love turkeys!)
Whew! Now that I've done that... it is time for me to tag 6 people! Let the fun begin!
#1: Nicole at Under the INKfluence
#2: Laurie at VersaMarkable-Stamping in Deerland
#3: Kristin at Lily Pad Designs
#4: Cheryl at Never Enough Stamps
#5: Patty at Patty's Stamping Spot
#6: Jill at Jill's Card Creations
All of these gals have awesome blogs and are awesome stamper's and thanks to Nicole - I have a blog!! Enjoy their creations!
Have fun ladies!
With this said - how about a another sample from my October Punch Class? As you know (because I say it over and over again!) I LOVE FALL! and along with fall, I LOVE SCARECROWS! Enjoy this scarecrow!

Have a Stamp Happy Day!


  1. I love your Scare Crow! Way to much fun. I'll try to follow your tag.

  2. Thanks for tagging me and for all your sweet comments. Have a fabulous day! JILL